About us

At BEACON we are aware of and understand the stresses upon you caused by financial pressures. We will provide professional advice in a sympathetic and understanding manner. We deliver tailored solutions to company directors, business owners, partnerships and individuals experiencing financial hardship and problems.

We have a dedicated team that will deal with all of your requirements on a personal level, with solutions that will be led by local partners, who will be on hand for all your enquiries. You can be sure that when you deal with BEACON, all of your complications will be dealt with in a professional and cost effective way.

Whether you are a director or partner of a business or an individual, no matter how significant your debt or how great the burden feels, there is always something that can be done. It is a matter of taking that first step! Once you have contacted BEACON your burden will start to lessen; why not share the load? Remember that as Licensed Insolvency Practitioners and business advisors with over 50 years’ experience it is our job, to find the best possible outcome for you.


Personal solutions

Have you reached the stage where you are afraid to open your post? The first step to resolving debt concerns is to contact one of our friendly team to discuss your concerns.

Business and company solutions

Whatever your business and no matter the financial challenges it is facing, BEACON will be able to help you. We work harder than other firms to turnaround your business wherever possible.

When financial problems start to mount, you need practical and timely advice. With BEACON offices across the south coast region, your first step to regaining control of your financial future could be closer than you think. Whether you need help to turnaround your business or tackle a personal insolvency crisis, make BEACON your first call.

We cannot promise to change things overnight, but our professional and independent insolvency practitioners do guarantee:

- A free initial consultation to help you understand your options -
- Business rescue support and personal insolvency solutions that are right for you -
- Honest and transparent fees to ensure you get the professional help you need -